Kanye West Sued For “Bound 2” Sample

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2011 MTV VMA Nominations, Kanye West Scores 7 (thumbnail)

So Ricky Spicer is suing Kanye West, saying that Kanye used the sample that he recorded when he 12 years old. Ricky Spicer was in the group Ponderosa Twins Plus One, and the sample was from there song “Bound”.

Spicer now 56 years old just heard the song for the first time and recognized the sample as  soon as he heard it. He also say that the sample was used with out permission and he feels that he is owed “uh huh money”. He filed suit yesterday and is saying he wants them to pay up or cease and desist in the use of his vocals. but trust this isn’t the first or last time that kanye west has been sued for not asking permission for a sample .

heres the sample From Ponderosa Twins Plus One

here Kanye‘s Video to “Bound 2”…

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