The Worst Songs of 2013

The Jaguarundi

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I Can’t Listen to This

“Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell Williams. “Blurred Lines” might be the commercial people’s song of the year, but it’s really annoying. Reviewers said the words were steeped in unprecedented sensuality, but the lyrics have the same unremarkable, dimwitted sex talk of other pop songs. Kanye West’s rap in Katy Perry’s “E.T.” is rougher and more bluntly crude than this fey, thin-melodied excuse for a music video. And just to be clear, the thing Robin Thicke thinks rhymes with “hug me” does not.

“Same Love,” Macklemore ft. Mary Lambert. Of the songs in the “I Can’t Listen to This” category, this is the only one that I actually did listen to, though I still flipped channels when it came on more frequently than with most other songs. I’ve already analyzed the song quite harshly here

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