KATY PERRY & JOHN MAYER Fly Friends To Hawaiian Party

Well, it’s time to become more chummy with Katy Perry and John Mayer, that’s for sure!Image

Life & Style reveals that the two have planned a very special Hawaiian getaway for their friends and family, so special that pals think it might be something a little more than a fun, tropical party!

“John and Katy flew about 12 of their closest friends to Hawaii,” a source close to John reveals to Life & Style. “They wanted it to be very special, so they flew them on a private plane. John is usually so private so the fact that he flew all his friends in to be with them was very special.”

When they got there, the love fest continued!

“John and Katy greeted all of them with huge smiles and hugs and told them she wanted each one of them with her and John in Hawaii and that she loved them all.”

We’ll see how this vacation transpires, but everyone is saying how serious these two are about each other. Is an engagement on the way?

Photo: Fame Flynet


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